Primary Activity Books by CBSE …

CBSE has published three  publications

  1. Activity Books for Classes I-V
  2. Activity Books in Hindi for Classes I-V
  3. Teachers manual for EVS Classes I-V




The publications can be downloaded  from eCBSE portal by following this link:


  1. Reach the portal’s webpage by following the link provided
  2. click on the  Activity Book
  3. Click on the section/part of the book
  4. Click on the downward  arrow on the top.
  5. The section of the  book opens in pdf format
  6. Save the section of the book by Right click__ save as__ choose a folder location in your device

NOTE: as far as  known the  book can be downloaded in class wise section. The tech savvy teachers can try and download the entire books as one unit and one go…

!!!@@@$$$Happy Time!!@@@$$$



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